PokerStars Announces Twitch Account Integration

Pokerstars Twitch

In 2018, online gambling company PokerStars hinted they were thinking of integrating the live-streaming platform Twitch with their Stars Rewards program.

Since then, it’s become possible for players to connect their PokerStars and Twitch accounts via a Twitch extension, but only if you subscribe to the official PokerStars Twitch channel.

Now, PokerStars announced a more streamlined integration is expected to launch soon. Considered an industry-first, it will allow players to link their Twitch accounts directly from their PokerStars account.

“We are always looking at new technology and platforms to evolve our offering and to improve the overall experience as part of our commitment to growing poker,” said the Head of Poker Communities & Engagement at The Stars Group (PokerStars parent company), Scott Goodall.

“Platforms like Twitch take player engagement to another level, so we’ve been very focused on nurturing that community from the beginning and pioneering efforts there.”

If you’re wondering what the incentive for joining your accounts might be, rest assured the $4.99/month subscription to the Pokerstars Twitch channel might be worth it:

“Connecting PokerStars accounts with Twitch accounts means our players can identify themselves as Twitch users,” Goodall elaborated, “and we can, in turn, offer them special promotions, items, and rewards.”

This includes exclusive monthly reward Chests, which give players the opportunity to win cash prizes and tournament/Spin & Go tickets. Your Chest Tier will determine the value of rewards received at the end of each month.

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