Press Releases

Press releases and public relations go hand in hand.

Press releases (PR) are written to promote something, an event, person, idea or product. The PR is then distributed to media outlets like newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations and news aggregator websites. PR also appears on a company’s website, generally under the Media or News section.

Press releases are generally written by someone in public relations. Any journalist can write PR, but not all will do so. Some journalists leave the media field to go into public relations because the pay is better. Journalists do receive PR and may use them to create their own news story or save the information for later use. PR may also be used unedited in media outlets.

A good PR should:

• Stick to a single topic

• Have a message

• Have contact information, a name, a phone number, an email and a website

• Have a call to action, usually the next to last thing. A call to action is an invitation to get more information, buy something, donate, call or some other action.

• Include an about us. This is the last part of the PR. The About Us section is a few sentences about the person, company or product the PR is about.

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