Images drive views. A lot of views!

Think about flipping through a magazine. You look at the pictures first to decide if the associated article is worth reading.

In Social Media, including a picture with a post increased viewership of that post 10 times or more.

If you blog, you need images. Memes, a social media construction, are excellent for this. A meme is a picture with just a few words that are humorous or make a point. Should be no more than 10 words for maximum effect.

If you are doing sales, product images are an absolute requirement. Whether or not the images can tell the viewer much about the product is irrelevant. People want to see what they are buying.

Infographics take a while to build, but they can be worth it. Infographics combine a lot of every useful data in snippets with relevant images. The entire presentation gives a viewer easy-to-process information.

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