Emails Sales Letters

Most email sales letters get tossed as spam. Why?

Because the letter does not make an immediate connection with the reader.

It starts with the subject line. You must have a subject line that catches the reader’s attention. It has to be something important to the reader. How do you know what is important to the reader? By examining their purchase history.

If you do online sales, you already have the emails. If you are paying attention, you also know what the buyer look at, what they bought and what they spent time looking at. That’s all you need. You know what they are interested in.

Now, make a pitch that draws them in. The subject line has to be something they are interested in. Amazon targets people with emails that offer sales on products they bought in the past or products they viewed. Letting customers create a wish list, like many websites have, is the just money in your pocket.

In the body of the letter, open with the offer.

Here’s an example:

“Fred (name harvested from point of sales)

“The (item Fred looked at) is now on sale at 50 percent off. This sale ends in two days.”

Now tell Fred how to buy the item. Sale made!

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