Creative Writing

In one respect all writing is a creative process.

Copying, writing down the same words someone else wrote or said, is not the same.

In the writing world, creative writing is when the writer expresses ideas, opinions or writes fiction. It covers many genres. The opposite of creative writing is technical writing.

When expressing an idea, the writer can use a variety of writing styles and methods. The more creative the writing, the less the author worries about grammar, spelling and syntax. Painting a picture with words is more important than adhering to arbitrary rules.

At the same time, the writer has to express his ideas in a way his readers will understand.

Opinion – This is creative writing, but it sticks closely to the formal rules. The writer has to get his opinion across clearly. It can be done in simple, direct language. It can be done using big words and complex phrasing like William F. Buckley was famous for.

Blogs are great examples of creative writing.

Creative writing can use nonfiction elements. An opinion piece can quote from a news article to provide context and explanation. Decide what part of the news article to use is part of the creative writing process.

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