A blog is just a place for you or your business to share information.

Ideally, your blog should draw people in and encourage them to spend money with you. The best bloggers do a number of things. Increasingly video blogs are gathering attention.

• Stick to a single or just a few subjects. People want consistency.

• Establish the blogger as an expert. Provide solid, quality advice.

• Engage readers. Encourage blog comments and respond to viewers/readers.

• Share information. Tell people what’s going on and why it is important.

• Link to other authorities.

• Write regularly. Is a blog a month enough? Nope. “With that being said, a recent study from HubSpot shows that B2B companies that publish 16-plus blog posts per month receive 3.5 times the amount of traffic as companies that publish only 0-4 posts per month. The story is similar for B2C companies: those that post 16-plus entries a month enjoy 4.5 times the amount of traffic as those that upload only 0-4 posts,” says John Rampton, writing for Forbes Magazine.

• Provide quality content.

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