Academic Writing

Academic writing is the most formal type of writing.

Think term paper. It has set rules for just about everything. Some of the requirements for academic writing are:

• Font

• Font size

• Ink color

• Footnotes and endnotes

• Attribution

• Type and kind of sources

• Number of words or pages

Depending on where the academic article will appear, more rules can be applied.

Academic writing is nonfiction, but it can discuss a work of fiction. Academic writing can present an opinion, but it has to be supported with accepted and appropriate research. Academic writing can present information and findings; this research paper presented at a symposium.

Specific requirements vary widely. A high school term paper won’t have the same set of rigid rules that a master’s degree thesis will have. Yet both are academic writing. Writing requirements can also vary from school to school, including colleges, and symposium to symposium.

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