Even those who say content is not king (and they use content to prove this) have to point to content. Content is king. How that content is presented is in a close second place.

Websites that spew random gibberish crop up and die faster than mayflies on a trout stream. Websites that offer solid content in a way that audience wants hang around. The top 4 websites in the world today are in order: Google, YouTube, Facebook and Baidu.

Two of these are search engines, Google and Baidu. Two are social media. All four are aggregators. All four sort information and present it to viewers in usable categories. All four websites bring structure and order to the web.

Web page content HAS to do the same thing. It has to be orderly, relative and interesting to the target audience. Readers want, expect and demand consistency. If they visit a website looking for hardware, they will be irked to find the website talks about cooking fish in Brazil.

Find your topic. Stick to that. Produce content often. Produce quality content. The viewers will come.

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